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The history of PRONAR Sp. z o.o. began in January 1989. At the beginning of activity, the company dealt mainly with wholesale and retail trade of nutritive articles and constructions. Economical situation of the country being absorptive of market, favored to company growth. Similar factors became the reason of heated relations with post-USSR countries, to which the company exported nutritive articles and emblements. After obtaining a “good brand” and contacts in east market, the company established trade cooperation with Minsk Tractors Factory and signed contract for assembling MTZ tractors. At the beginning, the company dealt only with assembling MTZ 80 tractors of parts fetched from that Belarusian company. The demand for tractors caused, that new models were implemented (MTZ 82, MTZ 82TS, MTZ 320). As the result of cooperation, many of Belarusian parts were replaced with polish ones and the export of polish parts to Belarus was started.

The company has become one of most buoyant, dynamically developing companies in the region, occupying very high position in rankings of 500 largest companies in Poland. Also the wholesale trade of liquid petrol was enlarged owing to opening of Warehouse of Petrols and Oils in Bia?ystok and in Sokó?ka. In retail trade, the chain of gas stations based on cooperation with Gda?sk Refinery Joint-Stock Company and also gastronomic-accommodation chain were marched.

Chose PRONAR tractor family:
• ZEFIR tractors
• PRONAR P7 tractors
• PRONAR P5 tractors
• PRONAR tractors
• PRONAR II tractors
• PRONAR P6, P9 tractors

The main activity of our company is the manufacture of PRONAR agricultural tractors with power ranges from 35 to 265 HP.

Through research conducted among our customers, acquired experiences in the field of agricultural machines, constant modernization and improvements we have adapted PRONAR tractors to individual client needs.

Our tractors have already earned acknowledgement among numerous Polish and foreign consumers.

Through our long experience and the usage of certified parts from well-known manufacturers we have achieved a production of high quality products. We thank you for your interest and invite you to purchase our products.

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