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An excellent heritage

The McCormick name first came to prominence in the agricultural industry with the World's first practical reaper, introduced in 1831, and remained prominent through the long and distinguished line of tractors that followed. The McCormick badge epitomised quality, craftsmanship and innovative design – characteristics that are still reflected in today’s range of innovative and hard-working McCormick products.

A wealth of experience

For 60 years, farm equipment and tractors carrying the McCormick name and their successors were built in the purpose-built Wheatley Hall Road factory in Doncaster, England.

In 2007, following a £7.5 million investment in new and upgraded facilities, production of the McCormick tractor range was transferred to the factories of the ARGO Group in Italy. With the move came a commitment to maintaining quality standards and developing an expanded engineering capability that would see the McCormick products improved and enhanced with new features for performance, reliability and driver comfort.

Practical innovation

The McCormick tractors of the 21st century remain true to the values and principles that made McCormick a world-beater for so many years. Practical innovation is the core feature of a product development programme that has produced the much-praised XtraSpeed transmission with its unique eight-speed powershift.

McCormick today

Today, the McCormick range provides a wide choice of tractors and materials handling machines that operators in farming, horticulture, groundscare and fruit production rely on day in, day for reliable and durable performance. The products are supported World-wide by a network of professional distributors and dealers and ARGO’s commitment to providing an efficient parts distribution service.

Modeller som selges i norge:
C-MAX 105, C-MAX 60, C-MAX 85, C-MAX 95, C-MAX75, CX 105 XS, CX 105 XS/CL, CX 65 L, CX 75 L, CX 75 XS, CX 85 L, CX 85 XS, CX 95 XS, F 75 XL, F 85 XL, GM 40, GM45, GM50, GM55, MC 105 CL, MC 115CL, MC 135 P6/CL, MC115, MTX 135 CL, MTX 150 CL, TTH 150, XTX 145E-plus CL, XTX 145M CL, XTX 165E-plus CL, XTX 165M CL, XTX 185E-plus CL, XTX 185M CL, XTX 200E-plus CL, XTX 200M CL, XTX 215E-plus CL, XTX 215M CL

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