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In 1960, our parent company, Escorts, set up the strategic Agri Machinery Group (AMG) to venture into tractors.

In 1965, we rolled out our first batch of tractors under the brand name of Escort.

In 1969 a separate company, Escorts Tractors Ltd., was established with equity participation of Ford Motor Co., Basildon, UK for the manufacture of Ford agricultural tractors in India.

In the year 1996 Escorts Tractors Ltd. formally merged with the parent company, Escorts Ltd.

Since inception, we have manufactured over 1 million tractors

FarmTrac: The World Champion
Exported to the most advanced markets in the world.
Well accepted internationally for its versatility.
Designed for the demanding requirements of progressive farmers.
Machine with powerful features for maximum efficiency.
A status symbol.

Superior technology. enhanced performance -34HP

Most powerful tractor in 39HP category - 39HP

FT 45
Powerful performance. Optimum Cost - 42HP

FT 60
Versatile.World Class - 50HP

Best in class for puddling and hard soil ploughing - 45HP

FT 60 DX
Power Pride and Performance - 50 HP

The toughest tractor for the hardest soil - 55HP

FT 70
Unparalled in its class - 60HP

PowerTrac: India's No.1 Economy Range - "Diesel Savers"

Engineered to give spectacular diesel economy.
The Diesel Saver technology - Great savings.

PT 434
Best fuel efficiency in its class - 34hp category

PT 439
Total Economy – Best fuel efficiency, lowest on maintenance - 39hp category

PT 445
Unique combination of utility & economy - 45hp category

PT 455
Fuel Efficiency & Power - the best of both - 55hp category

Escort: A Tradition of Trust
Pioneering brand of tractors introduced by Escorts.
Escort range of tractors - a tradition of service and trust.
Unbeatable advantages.

Multi Purpose Tractor - 27hp category

E 335 Josh
Value for Money - 35hp category

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